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Giving Back: Shining The Spotlight On Local Organizations


Jeff Owens, Indiana REALTOR pictured against a gray background Posted by: Jeff 7 months ago

There are few things I care about more than connecting with my community. I love being able to give back when I can and support the local organizations that work tirelessly to serve those who need it most.

That’s why I’m shining the spotlight on a few of my favorite local nonprofits and organizations this time of year! They deserve our thanks and support for everything they do to make Kosciusko County a warm and welcoming place to live. 

Senior Services Of Kosciusko County

This organization is a beacon of compassion and support for our community’s most vulnerable members. Their unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities is truly inspiring.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of Senior Services, especially through programs like Mobile Meals. The simple act of delivering nutritious meals to those in need goes beyond addressing physical hunger; it brings a ray of warmth and connection into the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

The friendly visits from Mobile Meals volunteers create a sense of community and combat the isolation that can often accompany aging or mobility challenges.

Senior Services doesn’t just provide services; it helps those who may be facing unique challenges and fosters a sense of dignity and independence. Their outreach efforts, community events, and advocacy work contribute to building a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

By supporting Senior Services Of Kosciusko County, we become part of a compassionate community that prioritizes the well-being of all its members, ensuring that no one is left behind and that everyone can enjoy a life of dignity, connection, and fulfillment.

Want To Get Involved?

Kosciusko Community Senior Services

800 N. Park Ave. Warsaw, IN 


Fellowship Missions

Fellowship Missions Homeless Shelter holds a special place in my heart as a beacon of hope and refuge for those facing homelessness in our community.

Witnessing the transformative impact of their dedicated services has profoundly shaped my understanding of compassion and the urgent need for solidarity.

The shelter not only provides a haven for individuals experiencing homelessness but also offers a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of their situations.

From emergency housing and warm meals to essential support services, Fellowship Missions is a lifeline that goes beyond immediate needs, working tirelessly to empower individuals on their journey toward stability.

What resonates deeply with me is the organization’s commitment to preserving the dignity of every guest.

The compassionate staff and volunteers create an atmosphere of respect and understanding, fostering a sense of community and encouragement for those facing challenging circumstances.

Supporting Fellowship Missions means contributing to a compassionate community where homelessness is met with empathy and practical solutions.

It’s about recognizing the humanity in every individual and standing together to provide not just shelter, but a pathway towards a brighter, more secure future for those in need.

Want To Get Involved?

Fellowship Missions is accepting donations now to help their residents enjoy a Christmas dinner and holiday celebration, so be sure to check out their website or give them a call to see how you can help!

Fellowship Missions

P: 574-268-9555

1520 E. Winona Ave.

Warsaw, IN 

Join Me In Supporting Our Local Nonprofits!

I’ve been a part of the Kosciusko County community since 1977 and I truly love this area.

Seeing how much nonprofits and other organizations give back to and support our community members is inspiring and I hope you join me by getting involved this holiday season.